Chiba Japan

3-4 June

Chiba is a Japanese prefecture encompassing Tokyo's eastern outskirts, and is renowned as the birthplace of civil aviation in Japan. For the 3rd time in it’s history, the Red Bull Air Race will be taking place in the Makuhari District, which is located right on the fringes of Tokyo Bay. Here fans will be able to witness every twist and turn the pilots make over the water that lies beyond Japan's biggest artificial marine beach between 03-04 June. Not a race that has been hugely successful for the Breitling Racing Team in previous years, we are hoping our luck will change!


What do the analysis experts say about the track?

It's a tight track with multiple passes on each gate adding confusion to the list of obstacles the pilots face.
It's novel, with a tricky VTM as well as an interesting big southern turn. It looks like gate angles will have a lasting knock on effect in some areas and there are different ways aspects of the track can be approached. Identifying the fastest line early in training will be essential. We expect to see a variety of lines flown in early training with teams learning from each other, competitor analysis is likely to play a key role throughout training and going into the weekend.