Mikael Brageot


Nationality: French
Place of Birth: Villeneuve sur Lot, France  
Date of Birth: July 31 1987 
Family: Married, 1 son, Mattis
Residence: Villeneuve sur Lot, France



2016: Master Mentoring program pilot
2015: Challenger Class, 2nd Rovinj, Budapest 2nd, Spielberg 1st, Dallas Fort Worth 1st, Las Vegas 1st - Challenger Cup Champion 2015
2014: Challenger Class, 1st Dallas, 3rd Las Vegas, 3rd Spielberg

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Mikael “Mika” Brageot may be new to the Master Class this season, but he’s been a familiar face for Red Bull Air Race fans since 2014. The pilot from the Aquitaine region of France was a member of the Challenger Class for two years, winning the Challenger Cup Championship before taking on a pioneering role in the Master Mentoring Program of the Red Bull Air Race. With the benefit of that experience and a gold-medal background in aerobatics, Brageot is now the new pilot for the World Championship-winning Breitling Racing Team.

Born in Villeneuve sur Lot, Brageot took his first flying lesson at age 11, and by 21 he was named to his national aerobatic team, the youngest pilot ever to represent France on the international stage. Since then, he’s earned two team gold medals as well as gold, silver and bronze medals in both team and individual competition at the World and European Aerobatic Championships, and has also clinched podiums at the French National Championship. He is additionally an aerobatic flight instructor and a display pilot, with a total of over 3,000 hours in the air. 

Brageot joined the Challenger Class of the Red Bull Air Race in its debut year, eager to expand his skills with an exciting new discipline. Across two seasons he claimed nine race podiums – four of them wins – culminating with his Challenger Cup crown in 2015.

In 2016, Brageot kicked off another new component of the Red Bull Air Race: the Master Mentoring Program. Instead of competing, he was mentored by World Champion pilot Nigel Lamb and his Breitling Racing Team, and he had the opportunity to train in Lamb’s MXS-R raceplane. Following Lamb’s retirement at the end of the season, Brageot, who had already earned his Master Class Superlicense, was named to the World Championship roster for 2017. Supporting him are the experienced Breitling Racing Team members who contributed to Nigel Lamb’s success – technician Mark Hensman, track and tactical analyst Max Lamb and team coordinator Victoria Griffiths.

“We are taking all the positive aspects from the mentoring year by keeping not only the same team members but the same aircraft, and I think we’ve built something much stronger than any of us could have anticipated,” Brageot comments. “I can’t predict results, but I would really like to give the best first impression that I can. My goal is to do my best, to keep learning and someday, hopefully, to win the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.”


The Plane


Extra 330LX

Performance & Dimensions

Aircraft MXS-R
Weight 560kg
Power 300hp
Top Speed 407km/h / 253 mph
Roll rate 420° sec
Max G +14G / - 14G
Engine Lycoming AE10 540 EXP / 6 Cylinders
Wing Profile Symmetrical
Span 8.0 m
Propeller Hartzell 3 Blade Composite

Mika Brageot is taking the controls of Nigel Lamb's high-performance airplane that he already had opportunities to fly throughout 2016. But to mark this new start, the MXS-R re-named "Skyracer" has been completely repainted with an original, daring, military-inspired design that creates as much of a surprise in the air as on the ground. It flaunts a style that is a blend of "vintage" and "hard-worn" aspects, with the fuselage and wings in rust color as if the plane - albeit in the vanguard of technology - required some serious restoration. An offbeat tip of the hat that is perfectly in sync with the Breitling spirit. The presence of a large brand signature running across the plane from one wing to the other, together with an XXL winged logo under the wings, also ensures optimum visibility - in every position - during these competitions that are amongst the most spectacular in the world.

The Team



Team Coordinator


Track Analysts


Mark Hensman - Aircraft Technician

As well as an experienced engineer, Mark Hensman is just as comfortable at the MX controls having competed and displayed a high performance machine for many years. From a young age, Mark’s interest in model aircraft progressed into competition gliding, which led to a career as an airline pilot. Alongside his flying career Mark built his very own aerobatic aircraft, a Christen Eagle, which he entered for his first aerobatics competition in 1995 and since then going on to hold the title of South African Aerobatic Champion twice. Having already spent one season as Team Technician for fellow Zimbabwean Nigel Lamb, Mark is ready to take on the fast paced surroundings of the Red Bull Air Race hangars once again for Mika’s first year in the Master Class.

Max Lamb - Analysis

Keeping the team at the forefront of the tactical and analytical game is the task of Max Lamb, who first joined the team working for his father in 2014. Track and flight analysis are the key tasks for Max who has completed a degree in Engineering. Using his engineering knowledge and specifically designed programs Max finds what he believes is the fastest path through the track. He is an invaluable part of the team, continuously developing the analysis to make sure Mika has the best systems available to visualise the racing lines so he is fully prepared before he even enters the cockpit.

Neil Furness - Strategic Analyst

Bringing a keen eye for strategy, Neil is the newest edition to the Breitling Racing Team, and works closely with Max to ensure Mika is flying to the optimum lines. His main objectives in the team are assessing flight tactics, communicating how to apply them on the track and further system development. With Neil onboard, the accuracy is second to none and this is where the real consistency and critical fractions of seconds are gained. Neil is also fundamental in the continued development of the software, always looking for ways to improve or make the analysis process faster.

Victoria Griffiths

Victoria Griffiths joins pilot Mika Brageot, once again as the lynch pin of the Breitling Racing Team. Having gained huge experience as part of Nigel Lamb’s team over 3 seasons, she is well placed in her role as Team Coordinator to provide the perfect environment for the team to thrive and succeed. Overseeing the PR & media as well as the day to day logistics and administration, the tasks of a ‘TC’ are varied and demanding.

What is the master class?

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is the fastest motorsport series in the world. It features 14 of the worlds most experienced and talented pilots in a competition that combines speed, precision and skill.

Using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes, pilots navigate a low-level aerial track made up of air-filled pylons 25m high.

The world championship is staged over eight races, in seven Countries on three Continents with the challenging tracks inflated over both water and land.

At each venue, the top nine places earn World Championship points. The pilot with the most points at the end of the Championship becomes Red Bull Air Race World Champion.

Read more about the Master Class here.